We help independent insurance agencies write more commercial lines in less time.

You provide your clients with competitive coverage needs. We help make shopping and renewing clients less burdensome.




Case Study 1

Before State

“Before working with Renewalbook, we were handling all marketing submissions via email, hindering us from further growth without hiring more staff. Additionally, as an owner I had no visibility into the status of submissions since it was buried in our CSR’s email inbox.”

After State

“After working with Renewalbook, our agency was able to handle twice the workload and volume without increasing our staff. From a dashboard I could now see all submission activities as they occurred.”

Tim Congleton, Owner & Agent, Johnson & Williamson

Case Study 2

Before State

“Before Renewalbook, I spent about 50% of my time following up with underwriters, responding to duplicate underwriter inquiries, and manually dragging submission information from my email to our AMS.”

After State

“After Renewalbook, these tedious tasks are taken care of for me automatically which now I am able to shop more commercial clients, gathering more competitive coverage options in the process.”

Lori Osborn, CSA, MJS Insurance


Increase Revenue by 50% without increasing your staff


Increase customer service by always being the first to market

Independent Insurance Agencies

Decrease the time it takes to shop and renew clients by 35%


Accelerate your marketing submission process by shopping commercial clients to multiple carriers at one time

Shop commercial clients to all or the preferred carriers at one time without crafting any emails.

Marketing Submissions

Eliminate responding to duplicate underwriter inquiries by addressing all similar questions at one time within our shared platform.

No more digging in your email inbox and responding to each underwriter inquiry individually.

Stay ahead with system generated notifications that automatically follow up with underwriters.

Keep underwriters informed on important renewal deadlines without lifting a finger.

Insurance Software
Insurance Software

Always be the first to market by scheduling submissions in advance.

Schedule marketing submissions to be delivered to insurance carriers at the earliest time possible.

Integrate your email correspondence with underwriters to reduce E&O exposure.

Underwriter email communications are brought over so agencies can see all submission questions in a single thread.

Independent Insurance Agencies


No commitment

$500 - 1,250monthly
  • Unlimited Marketing Submissions
  • Unlimited Agency users
  • Unlimited Underwriter Follow-Up Notifications


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