It’s tedious but it has to be done. Carriers cannot quote effectively if their questions go unanswered. So what do you do? As an agent or CSA, you have to respond to each, individual carrier to ensure they are provided with all of the information in order to get the best coverage for your client. You open up your e-mail and type the same response over, and over, and……you get the point. Do you feel as if you are constantly spinning your wheels with the same renewal? You are not alone. But why must we continue this monotonous work when there are other options available?

Renewalbook streamlines the entire renewal and marketing submission process under one platform in order to sell more insurance in less time. As an agent or CSA, what if you could send out one renewal to one, multiple, or your entire carrier list at one time? What if I also told you that you could respond to all (yes, I said all) questions in one location so you are not digging through siloed e-mails on a constant basis? With Renewalbook, you have access to all of these capabilities within one platform. Think about how much time you would save not having to respond to duplicate inquiries, digging through e-mails, and setting reminders to follow up to each underwriter who hasn’t gotten that quote you needed two weeks ago.

Times are changing—industries are evolving, growing, and adapting to the continually developing technology industry in order to stay ahead or stay competitive. It’s time for the insurance industry to do the same. Stop the continuum of responding to duplicate inquiries, digging through siloed e-mails, and spinning your wheels. Be ahead, be innovative, and be more efficient with Renewalbook.