You know how it goes: every time a renewal deadline comes around you [as an agent] are asking your CSRs multiple times per day, “What’s the status of X, Y, and Z insurance renewals? We are pressed for time so will you please reach out to these underwriters again.”

Why are you having your CSRs dig through countless e-mails for updates on renewal statuses when there is a more efficient way?

Renewalbook provides visibility into all of your renewals and marketing submissions such as: submission statuses, whether or not a Carrier has provided a quote, if an underwriter(s) has asked additional questions to better understand your client’s business [collaborative space for communication between the agency and underwriter(s)], and system generated notifications that remind and follow-up with underwriters without your CSRs lifting a finger. And guess what else? You do not have to ask your CSRs for this visibility and insight since Renewalbook centralizes and makes this information accessible for your entire insurance agency organization.

There are differing views of Renewalbook’s platform: from an agency’s perspective and from the underwriter’s perspective. With these capabilities, an agency owner can view, at any point in time, the status of a submission or marketing effort. No more running to your CSR’s desk, asking him/her to pull up their e-mail inbox for information. Or the latter of the two— having your CSR follow-up with an underwriter and wait for days, and sometimes even into the next week, for a response. These differing perspectives, under one platform, allows agencies to have an all-inclusive view of the information during the renewal and marketing submission process, while underwriters are able to see only what they need in order to provide a quote.

Renewalbook’s intuitive design is bringing insurance agencies and carriers together under one platform to transform the way renewals and marketing submissions have been previously done. No more time spent on monotonous e-mails being sent, duplicated, and lost. Invest in a platform that saves time, produces results, and gives you the opportunity to grow your business.