Are you sick and tired of filling out Acord form after Acord form, sending these document(s) to multiple carriers one by one, via e-mail, followed by then trying to manage the influx of underwriter questions within your e-mail inbox just for this one client? Not to mention the other 20 commercial clients you are managing all within your inbox. We get it—the renewal and marketing submission process for independent insurance agencies is a whirlwind and sometimes a total nightmare. What if you could submit renewal/marketing details about your commercial client to multiple carriers at one time without sending these submissions individually? Well, with Renewalbook, now you can.

With the click of a button, you can submit your commercial clients to not only just one, but multiple, and even all of your carriers at one time. Instead of crafting 5, 10, maybe even more e-mails to each carrier to shop your client, now all of these submission details are sent at one time. When questions start pouring in from underwriters, they can now ask in one, centralized location in Renewalbook where Q&A’s can be read and responded to with ease. No more digging through siloed e-mails and responding to duplicate inquiries over and over again.

Would you like to decrease the time it takes to shop and renew clients by 50%? Renewalbook is the way to achieve and maximize efficiencies within your agency. The time saved by reducing how long it typically takes to shop and renew clients can now be spent toward growing your book of business. See how the most efficient independent agencies in the country are doing since using Renewalbook:

“Before working with Renewalbook, we were handling all marketing submissions via e-mail, hindering us from further growth without hiring more staff. Additionally, as an Owner, I had no visibility into the status of submissions since it was buried in our CSR’s e-mail inbox. After working with Renewalbook, our agency is able to handle more with less. From a dashboard, I can now see all submission activities as they occur,” Tim Congleton, Owner & Agent, RT Insurance.

“It’s exciting to see a technology offering like Renewalbook solve one of the most time-consuming and inefficient processes in an insurance agency: the insurance renewal process. Renewalbook automates the renewal process and greatly reduces the staff time and expense related to renewals; Ultimately freeing up agent’s time and money to grow their business,” Daniel Pigg, Director of Business Engagement, Indiana State University, Former Owner of Howard Clare Insurance.

For $49 per carrier per month, you can submit your commercial clients to multiple carriers at one time without sending submissions individually. Don’t believe us? Try out Renewalbook for 30 days and if you are not decreasing the time it takes to shop and renew your commercial clients, we will give your money back, guaranteed. As simple as that. Renewalbook’s small investment brings on more opportunities for building the book of business you have always dreamed of.

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